Learn CSS Grid by Building a Magazine - Step 28

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My code is ok but always shows warning , Kindly help to solve this.

My code so far

  font-family: baskervville,serif;
  color: linen;
  background-color: rgb(20,30,40);


Sorry, your code does not pass. Keep trying.

Your body selector should have a font-family property set to Baskervville, with a fallback of serif.

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Challenge: Learn CSS Grid by Building a Magazine - Step 28

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Welcome to the forum.
I am not sure. But, it appears there may be a space missing where the fallback font-family is listed in the code. As well, the first letter of the original font-family should be capitalized. Coding is very specific, and requires the format be the same as in the instructions.


Hope this helps you. Happy coding! :slight_smile:

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