Learn CSS Transforms by Building a Penguin - Step 96

i dont understand what to do here please, somebody should help me

@keyframes wave {
top: 10%;
left: 10%;
bottom: 10%;
right: 10%

Link to the challenge:

You dont need top or left or stuff like that here

You need 4 empty waypoints.

Examples here, I hope you understand what empty means in this case.

Hi! I don’t understand what empty means in this case :sweat_smile: Can you please just tell me how the code should look in this step?

Lets look at this example from the MDN article above:

@keyframes identifier {
  0% { top: 0; left: 0; }
  30% { top: 50px; }
  68%, 72% { left: 50px; }
  100% { top: 100px; left: 100%; }

Here waypoints have some stuff in curly brackets.

By empty I was trying to say, that for this step you don’t need any stuff inside curly brackets. Tho you kinda need curly brackets

In the next steps after this, you will add code into brackets, so this penguin will become even more cool

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Thank you so much! I had already done what you said about the empty curly brackets but hadn’t noticed one “%” missing , so I didn’t understand what’s wrong. Thank you for taking your time to answer! :slightly_smiling_face:

this was really helpful. :slightly_smiling_face:

Agree! Very helpful thread!