Learn CSS Variables by Building a City Skyline - Step 78

Can anyone know what is wrong with this code:
.fb1c {
width: 100%;
height: 80%;
background: repeating-linear-gradient(
var(–building-color4) 10%,
transparent 10%,
transparent 15%
var(–building-color4) 0%,
var(–building-color4) 10%,
var(–window-color4) 10%,
var(–window-color4) 90%,

It reports an error:
You should add a repeating-linear-gradient with a first color of --building-color4 from 0% to 10% .
The step says:

Step 78

You can add multiple gradients to an element by separating them with a comma (,) like this:


Add a repeating-linear-gradient to .fb1c below the one that’s there; use your --building-color4 from 0% to 10% and --window-color4 from 10% and 90%. This will fill in behind the gradient you added last.

Hey @sladjanam2383
Please paste your code here so that we can help

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Your variable names lack some characters, they should resemble the ones in the root selector.

:root {
  --building-color1: #aa80ff;
  --building-color2: #66cc99;
  --building-color3: #cc6699;
  --building-color4: #538cc6;
  --window-color1: black;
  --window-color2: #8cd9b3;
  --window-color3: #d98cb3;
  --window-color4: #8cb3d9;

You do not need the number zero here, just have a comma.

Here, remove the comma, the variables were like a list of items. The last item in a list does not need a comma. Juts have the percentage.

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Hello @sladjanam2383 !

Both @opudoprince and @stephenmutheu have provided good guidance.

I would like to add that the 90deg should be removed from the second linear gradient.

Keep up the great progress!

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