Learn Data Structures by Building the Merge Sort Algorithm - Step 11

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I am missing the nuance of the request. The while loop seems ok, but “an element” of the left_ or right_ part seems arbitrary, so I picked the first one…

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def merge_sort(array):
    middle_point = len(array) // 2
    left_part = array[:middle_point]
    right_part = array[middle_point:]


    left_array_index = 0
    right_array_index = 0
    sorted_index = 0

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    while left_array_index < len(left_part) and right_array_index < len(right_part)
        if left_part[1] < right_part[1]:

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Learn Data Structures by Building the Merge Sort Algorithm - Step 11

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Hello! @cojoMan

You’re almost there!

The code you’ve provided needs a few modifications…

  • loops too will have : like… while condition:

  • we need to use the pass keyword as the body of the loop

If you’re still stuck here is a hint:

while condition:

Happy Coding!


this was…not cool :))
thanks for the help, but the instructions said slightly otherwise, or I cannot read between the lines.


He’s right. It took me a while. I was looking at instructions and was scratching my head and I had to double check. All I had to do was go through the steps. The instructions need to be a little clearer imo.

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