Learn English with a whatsapp group

Hi everyone,

This is a problem in countries that do not speak English as a native language. So I want to talk to people who can help in this group to improve my English through skype or WhatsApp. Can we create such a group?

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Non-native speaker here. Something I can recommend is watching the series Friends. It’s mostly everyday language, so you learn a lot of stuff you would use in normal life. My English got so much better in the year after my roommate turned me on to that show. But yeah, finding people to talk to is also a good idea.

Another non-native speaker here. What’s your English level and what’s your goal? Not sure if chats (WhatsApp for example) will help you or just consume most of your (precious) time.
As a beginner, when I had only reading skills, I forced myself to watch movies or tv shows with English subtitles. Then I removed the subtitles and tried to get used to understand what was being said (not 100% of it but just the context). Believe me, you improve with time. Meetups were also very useful at this time because they helped me to develop my conversation skills in English.
But, when I decided to move abroad I had to invest on a more specific training and decided to apply for IELTS. It’s a good option to have in your resume if you are trying to enter the IT market in the UK or in America.
But that was my experience based on my needs during a 3-4 years period. What’s your goal?

This is great advice @jenrodrigues! I would also doubt whether WhatsApp is the most effective way to learn. Watching TV/movies with subtitles and meeting people in real life to talk to them is probably a better choice.

Also, you may want to check out Duolingo. It’s a free platform for learning all sorts of languages, including English that is very good. I learned my last language only with that and a flash card program to learn the most common 1,000 words of my target language. That was enough to get me almost fluent.

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True. I used Duolingo for a long time too. Great platform.

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