/learn ES6: Create a JavaScript Promise Google Chrome

What is the reason why this is correct?

const makeServerRequest = new Promise((resolve, reject) => {

resolve ("sucess");



Can you please post the url of the challenge? In the future, it is best to click on the Ask for Help link on the challenge, so we get all the information about the challenge.

Thank you.

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It is not correct. You need to fix the code. I suggest resetting the code and only changing the code where specified.

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Is it a bug??? Because it marked that it has been corrected my answer.

Can you please provide a screen shot showing the passing tests and the code and tell us what browser you are using?

That challenge only worries about creating the promise not handling it.

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@santiagodeleondecar1 Not sure if you realize it, but the challenge link you post and the challenge showing in the screenshot above are for different challenges.