Learn Fetch and Promises by Building an fCC Authors - Step 19 and Page 26

I have completed both steps (19 and 26) but I believe that the steps are not working as intended. When I type the code myself, it says the code is incorrect however when I went on to the next step and copied the code they wrote (which is the exact same), the code was correct

Step 19 (What I wrote):

 <a class="author-link" href="${url}" target="_blank">${author}'s author page</a> 

What I copied from step 20:

<a class="author-link" href="${url}" target="_blank">${author}'s author page</a>

Hi @Fate

The code you wrote for step 19 works for me.

Sometimes there are problems with the tests not accepting code.
Reset the step and try again. If that doesn’t work, refresh the page, disable dark mode, disable ad blockers. Or, use another browser.
If the above steps do not work, you may need to restart the computer.

Happy coding

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It might also be any spaces/newlines you have before and after the code.

It might be the fetch randomly throwing. I was able to make it fail a few times, but it is super inconsistent.

Yh. I reattempted this steps a couple of times, and sometimes copying and pasting works and other times it didn’t. Just wanted to express the issue.