Learn Form Validation by Building a Calorie Counter - Step 74

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Hey guys!
Can someone please check this my if Statement!
The instruction says: " Add an if statement to your calculateCalories function that checks the truthiness of your global error flag, and if it is truthy then use return to end the function execution."

the attach statement is what I wrote but I am still stuck.

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if (isError = true){

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Learn Form Validation by Building a Calorie Counter - Step 74

You are using the assignment operator = instead of the equality operator ===, replace = with ===

Thanks buddy! I added the triple equalities signs but, I am still stuck
if (isError === true){


This step wants you to check for if isError is truthy.

To check if a value is truthy, you can pass in the value inside the if statement.


Checking for truthy and falsey values is a common occurence in real world applications.
So this is wanting you to get used to doing that.

For example, here is how to check if a user is logged in

let isUserLoggedIn = true;

if (isUserLoggedIn) {
  console.log("User is logged in");
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Thanks Ms. Oboe;
I finally figure out what I was missing! I declared the variable earlier on in the function! I appreciate the hint