Learn.freecodecamp not opening

I am trying to open my curriculum and my learning path, first i opened freecodecamp.org then i clicked go to coding curriculum which redirects me to learn.freecodecamp.org and its not opening i am trying to open freecodcamp since evening and now its midnight, if it is bug then i think it would have been solved by now, need help

I’m having the same issue

There seems to be a problem with our subdomain in certain places. I know that two people from Pakistan have reported that this happens if the don’t use a VPN. I believe that there is already a GitHub Issue for this. If you can find it, it would probably be helpful if you could add your information.

Even I 'm having the same problem

i also facing same problem , how to fix this ?

Their is Problem with ISP’s server which can Block by the website. Use VPN servers.

i use Hola plugin, my is solved this problem now.

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Turn off your browser`s proxy addon (maybe vpn, js blocker etc)

thanks, Hola worked for me!

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Hola works!! thank you!