Learn.freecodecamp.org is not available sometimes

Hi everyone! :slight_smile: Not sure where to post it to reach FreeCodeCamp team so I’m writing it here.
Learn.freecodecamp.org is not available sometimes giving back these kind of messages. I’m in Russia, the website is not blocked by our lovely government. It happens quite often and quite unexpected. 5 minutes ago it was working, now it’s not.
I’ve tried to open it in different browsers, on different devices with different sources oh the Internet connection.
It’s quite possible that the problem is with my location or some settings, but I thought, if it’s a global problem, then you should know.

P. S. Thanks for you work, guys! You are the best :slight_smile:

They recently made some changes to their servers and moved the forum, curriculum, and guide around which caused some issues from high traffic. I think that today they were planning to roll out more changes, so you’re probably catching it while they’re updating.