Learn Functional Programming by Building a Spreadsheet - Step 102

I’ve got no clue what should i do next or what i did wrong as the hint advices “Your random function should return a random number between the first two numbers in the array.”
I’ve tried before with implicitli returning the value but it’s the same issue.

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const spreadsheetFunctions = {
  even: nums => nums.filter(isEven),
  someeven: nums => nums.some(isEven),
  everyeven: nums => nums.every(isEven),
  firsttwo: nums => nums.slice(0, 2),
  lasttwo: nums => nums.slice(-2),
  has2: nums => nums.includes(2),
  increment: nums => nums.map(num => num + 1),
  random: nums => {
    const numbers = nums.splice(0,2)
    return Math.random() * (Math.max(numbers) - Math.min(numbers)) + Math.min(numbers)

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Learn Functional Programming by Building a Spreadsheet - Step 102

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Hello, I’m glad to help.
Your issue so far:

  1. if nums is an array, nums.slice(0,2) will still return an array, so Math.max(numbers) will return NaN since you cannot put array as a peremeter into Math.max().
  2. return Math.random() * (Math.max(numbers) - Math.min(numbers)) + Math.min(numbers) is correct except the peremeter I mentioned above, also it says the result should use Math.floor method.
  3. You need to get the elements from the array and pass it as an peremeter into Math.max() and Math.min(). Tip: You can use spread operator
    for example: const min = Math.min(…nums);
  4. You need to use Math.floor

Yeah, i forgot that it needs Math.floor(), but that i cannot pass array into min( ) and max() function was really helpful. Thank you very much <3.