Learn Git by Building an SQL Reference Object Course doesn't allow to go next step

Since 26.06.2022 morning I am trying to continue my progress in Relational Database (Beta) Course => Learn Git by Building an SQL Reference Object => Build an SQL Reference Object course. It says " You should be in the project folder in the terminal you opened. Use the terminal to make a new directory named sql_reference in the project folder. As a reminder, you can use the mkdir command to make a new folder.” I open the bash terminal, I am sure I am at the ~/project folder, created “mkdir sql_preference” but it won’t let me pass. In the ‘Get a Hint’ section it suggests:

  1. Enter mkdir sql_reference in the terminal from the project folder
  2. Enter cd ~/project to get to the project folder if you aren’t there
  3. Don’t try to create the folder with another method

I tried those hints 50 times as well, tried with a different browser, refreshed the page, restarted my computer, resetted the course from where ever I can but it doesn’t let me pass to the next step.

Is there anything can be done about these course? Thank you

Sorry for your troubles @c4rlsberq, it sounds like you pretty much tried everything. My typical recommendation when someone is stuck on a step is these two things. I would give those one more try. If that doesn’t work, can you share a screen shot of what you see, maybe someone will notice something else.