Learn Git by Building an SQL Reference Object - .env Test Runner Failed

What’s wrong with that?

It looks correct. Maybe reset the file and run it again? Perhaps it might not of saved your changes.

Also, I have noticed you have an extra line in .env, maybe remove that

Thanks Eesa. I try in many ways, but the problem still persists.

if you are not too far along in the course, you can sign into codeally.io and select the virtual machine container that hosts this course and delete it. This will allow you to start from the beginning.
I believe the Test Runner Failed issue happens sometimes when people press the reset button too much or too quickly (i’m not sure exactly which). If you can’t recover with a regular reset, and you were still in the early stages, then I would just delete the container in this case to get a fresh start.

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Thanks Hanaa, I will leave that progress and go to the following. Since I am almost at the end.

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