Learn Github Pull Requests by Playing a Game with other Campers

Hi all,

A colleague introduced me to a game called Nomic, and I was so thrilled to learn about it I have decided to make a Nomic game to share with you all to help you learn how to contribute to open source projects!

Feel free to play if you already know how to do pull requests, it’ll be fun either way!

Check out the repo here: https://github.com/jacksonbates/fcc-git-nomic

I won’t say much more, as I don’t want to influence the way we choose to play the game. I look forward to playing with you all - everyone is welcome :slight_smile:

Any if you want to learn more about Nomic games, there is plenty of material to Google, but fair warning…it’s a rabbit hole.


This reminds me of some of the more absurd drinking games I used to play. I’m in. :smiley:


Great! I added my first rule proposal :smile:

Thanks for this, @JacksonBates. I just added a pull request.

Looks good, thanks for this.

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For those wanting to keep track of new rules via the fCC forum, I just proposed the following:

Rule Name: Include fCC Forum
Description: When someone proposes a new rule, they will also post a reply about this new rule here.
GitHub Pull Request

Alternatively, if you don’t want new rules posted here, go vote against it. :sunny:

Not clearly know how to use it :sob:

Start by reading the CONTRIBUTING.md file and ask questions if it doesn’t make sense.