Learn Greetings in your First Day at the Office - Task 154

I can’t find whether it had already been pointed, but I think there is a mistake in this lesson:

Task 154

Jake is explaining the purpose of his visit to Sarah. He’s there to hand over something that Sarah needs, which will permit him access to certain areas.

shouldn’t him be her?

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Learn Greetings in your First Day at the Office - Task 154

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And in the next task #155

What is Sarah referring to with it in his question Is it contactless?

You are correct. Would you be interested in creating issues for these problems on the github? Sign in to GitHub · GitHub


I don’t know how to do that…

Do you want to try? :slight_smile:

On the linked page there are various options for starting new issue, you’d be interested in the Issue - Content in our Coding Challenges. After picking that option you will be presented with form, which in more detail explains what should be included in the report.

Can someone helps me with that Task?
I don´t know what to fill in in the first open Position at this Task ? Nothing semse to be right…

@lex_89 For convenience please start your own thread.


Live Long and Prosper

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