Learn Greetings in your First Day at the Office - Task 84

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I think there’s a bug on the exercise, i think i’m giving the correct response but shows that its incorrect!.

Should be “a” first, because next word starts with a consonant, and “an” then because the word starts with a vowel! Thats what the statement of the exercise says, but it shows that its incorrect!

Thanks in advance!

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Learn Greetings in your First Day at the Office - Task 84

Welcome to the community @jef.prg !

You are correct that the a should come before the word with a consonant. It is important to note the letter should be uppercase as it is at the beginning of a sentence. The an should come in the next blank due to the following word beginning with a vowel.

Well done!

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Sorry about the delay to see this, thank u for the welcome and also the reply EarthDust!
My bad!!! I was forgettin the uppercase when starting the phrase!
Thank u!

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You are very welcome @jef.prg !

Do not worry about it. We all make mistakes, at times.

Wishing you good progress!