Learn How to Talk About a Typical Workday and Tasks - Task 71

no answer seems to work in the blank that says cameras and…entrances

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I agree with you. I’ve tried many words there, but nothing seems to work properly. Maybe it’s a bug or maybe it is not.

something will work, what are the things that you have tried?

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Hello, ilenia! I’ve tried these words/verbs (sometimes, I write them in “ing” version, sometimes not/I don’t; sometimes, I write without “to” and with “s”/“es” — example: “watches” or “protects”, because the subject is HE/IT):

“to protect”,
“to watch”,
“to watch over”,
“to ensure”,
“to monitor”,
“to check”

If I 've forgotten something, I’d like to say sorry.

Oh my Go… I did it! :blush:

But, I couldn’t grasp why not using “s”/“es” after word… I know I cannot write the correct answer here, but there I wrote the word without “s” (for my curiosity) and BOOM!! => everything went fine! I’m happy, now. :smiley: