Learn How to Talk About a Typical Workday and Tasks - Task 71

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Please ,can somoene give me the answers in “fill in the blank”.I stuck here i can’t fixed it.

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Learn How to Talk About a Typical Workday and Tasks - Task 71

You appear to have created this post without editing the template. Please edit your post to Tell us what’s happening in your own words.

We can’t give out answers, but can you share what you’ve tried so we can see where you might be going wrong?

I tried too many times to figure the words ,i found (can’t /expected), pls help me to figure the other words.

I’ve amended the blanks in the text to represent the length of each word:

Sophie learns about Jake’s security job, where he ___ to monitor cameras and _______ entrances and exits. He _____ forget to check alarm systems. He also ___ to conduct security sweeps to ensure safety. Jake also ______ security badges to new staff and he ___ to revoke them from those who leave. Managing ______ _______ is a crucial part of his role. Sophie remarks on the many ________________ Jake has, to which he replies that security is a top priority and he ___ to make sure everything goes as ________.

All of the 3 letter blanks are the same word I think. I guess longer words might be trickier to spell for non-native English speakers but if you can tell me which blanks you’re unsure of, I can help.

I tell you that i trie too many times to figure the words but nothing,just two words(can’t /expected).if you have the other words tell me pls.

Hi @igorgetmeabrain.
Thanks for reporting the issue. I too saw the same problem and could not pass the check.
Finally, I discovered that the word that is always marked as an error is can't.
It seems that can't is correct and can't is rejected, which seems to be the difference between a curly apostrophe and a straight apostrophe.