Learn How to Work with Numbers and Strings by Implementing the Luhn Algorithm - Step 35

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I am not able to this can someone help me plz I have been trying but notable to do

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def verify_something_valid(something_valid):
    sum_of_odd_digits = 0
    something_valid_reversed = something_valid[::-1]
    odd_digits = something_valid_reversed[::2]

    for digit in odd_digits:
        sum_of_odd_digits += int(digit)

    sum_of_even_digits = 0
    even_digits = something_valid_reversed[1::2]
    for digit in even_digits:
        number = int(digit) * 2
        if number >= 10:
            number = (number // 10) + (number % 10)
        sum_of_even_digits += number
    total = sum_of_odd_digits + sum_of_even_digits
    return total % 10 == 0

def main():
    card_number = '4111-1111-4555-1141'
    card_translation = str.maketrans({'-': '', ' ': ''})
    translated_something_valid = something_valid.translate(card_translation)

    if verify_something_valid(translated_something_valid):


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Learn How to Work with Numbers and Strings by Implementing the Luhn Algorithm - Step 35

Welcome to the forum @Askari

As a final step, remove the print call from the verify_card_number function, and change the card_number back to something valid.

The instructions may not have been clear.
The function and variable names are to stay the same.

Change the value in card_number

You correctly removed the print call.

Happy coding

I am not able to do this can you give me solutions plz

Nope, that’s not what the forum is for. If you have a question that you can ask about anything that’s confusing, feel free to ask and we will help.