Learn HTML by Building a Cat Photo App 1 - Step 36

Hi there, guys!

I came across a problem that seems I have been fallowing nicely; suddenly, everything here on that step does not accept my code; maybe I am doing something wrong or it’s a bug, of course.

The code which I was trying to apply was :


It seems to be correct because I have managed to ask in other forums for some help, while even I saw on YT people applying the same code as me and they passed. Can someone explain how this happened?



Hello, welcome to our community.
This happens sometimes, your code maybe correct but fail to pass. As of now, we cannot come to any conclusions unless you share your code here.

Hey, it’s a pleasure on my site to be here. I always had a dream to code but never made an attempt to do so. Finally, I came across FreeCodeCamp, and I decided to begin a journey with all the courses available on the site.

Btw, I have attached a picture of a code that I tried to apply for in Step 36.

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You are in the right forum.
From the image, attributes are placed inside the opening tag an element. Yours is outside.
<element opening tag attribute=""></element closing tag>

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Okay, thank you; I just tried it and it works :wink: I greatly appreciate your help.

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