Learn HTML by Building a Cat Photo App - Step 1

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Ok so I just started today and I’m following the instructions. I’ve watched some coding videos, but when I do what the instructions are telling me to do and when I check the code to see if its right, it says its wrong. This is only step one and all its asking me to do is swop out the words in the open HTML to CatPhotoApp. But its the wrong code? What am I missing?

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  <CatPhotoApp>Hello World</h1>
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Challenge: Learn HTML by Building a Cat Photo App - Step 1

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no need to panic. You need to understand what an html element is first.

So an html element is kind of like a marker. When you use a highlighter or marker on some text, it kind-of highlights it, right? Think of elements as different types of highlighters (but much cooler than the basic colors you use when reading).

Okay, so I have some text I want to highlight. In this case the text exercise originally gave us something like this:

<h1>Hello World</h1>

The text we are marking is “Hello World” and we are doing it by putting some special characters -before- and -after- the text. In this case the element is called the h1 (header) element and it is comprised of the following characters
So again, we are essentially just marking some text (just like you would with a highlighter). We need to put the left-hand-side marker <h1> and the right-hand-side marker </h1> around the text to make the browser see it properly.

Okay so back to the problem. They gave us:
<h1>Hello World<\h1>
and they asked you to delete the middle part (the text in the middle part, not the element part), and replace it with some other words CatPhotoApp.

So looking at your solution, do you think you have done that?
(recall: the instructions did not ask you to change the h1 element, just the text in the middle.)

hope this helps

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How do you highlight? I didn’t delete the html boarders and thank you for your help.

Okay, hopefully we are not having a language problem as I only speak English.

Let me try again:
I have pasted your code in my comment for you to look at.

<CatPhotoApp>Hello World</h1>

and here is the original one

<h1>Hello World</h1>

Look at them and answer this question:
What did I change. Did I change an element or did I change the text that the element is marking?

An element in html looks like this:

The question wants you to leave the element as-is and only change the text inside.

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I speak English only. Thats the problem, I don’t think I changed the element at all. All I did was remove h1 and put CatPhotoApp, but I never touched the <>. I don’t know how you did the element change even. I mean this is my very first day and time at trying to code, that’s probably the little confusion right there.
Like I can do this:

etc. I thought the school's program had it already set to where I could play with the elements and get the feel of it before inserting elements. Does it?
````Preformatted text`
I hope that shows now, I just noticed that.

Okay, but you did change the element. In this case you changed the h1 element.
An element looks like this
You changed the opening part <h1> to <CatPhotoApp>

In HTML there is no element known as <CatPhotoApp>.

The question was asking you to change the text in-between the starting and ending of the element h1.

So therefore, remove Hello World and replace it with CatPhotoApp

oh, oh my gosh I feel so stupid now lol, but thank you for that

please don’t! My apologies for making you feel anything but empowered.
Please go forth and conquer!

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No you didn’t your fine and awesome. I am actually really excited to learn this, I’ve always wanted too. I just can’t believe I didn’t realize that. Thank you for your help!

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