Learn HTML by Building a Cat Photo App - Step 12

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I can not figure out what to do for the life of me I dont quite understand the code language just yet this is my first ever coding lesson so I dont get it. I am not understanding what it is telling me to do
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      <h2>Cat Photos</h2>
      <!-- TODO: Add link to cat photos -->
      <p>Click here to view more </p> <a href="https://freecatphotoapp.com">link to cat pictures</a>
      <img src="https://cdn.freecodecamp.org/curriculum/cat-photo-app/relaxing-cat.jpg" alt="A cute orange cat lying on its back.">

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Challenge: Learn HTML by Building a Cat Photo App - Step 12

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click the Reset button to return the code to its initial state

now look at your preview pane
you will see some plain text
Click here to view more cat photos.

What they want you to do is to change this plain text so that the last 2 words become a clickable link similar to below

Click here to view more cat photos.

The words changed color because I made them into a link.

To learn how to do that, try reading my post here

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