Learn HTML by Building a Cat Photo App - Step 12

this is not working any other ideas ?

It should work. Maybe you have something incorrect so try posting the edited code.

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There is a big chance that I am just stupid (I am obviously new to this)

I am sorry I got it ty for the effort tho

Hello Mr Genius!
Everyone gets stuck as some point while learning to code and it in no way implies that they are stupid! In fact just that you’re starting this journey all ready shows that you’re smart. You’ve done correct putting only the words ‘cat photos’ between your a tags and not the whole paragraph The only issue is that you put the text ‘cat photos’ to be equal to the address you want your words to be linked to. Only the link you want appearing as a link on the page should go between your a opening and closing tags. Instead put the attribute of href inside your opening <a> tag and give THAT the value of the links adress.
Ex of a link to a store:

Click <a href="https:/store-//love.com">HERE</a> to visit our store.

Here is a link with examples on how to do it.

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