Learn HTML by Building a Cat Photo App - Step 12

Tell us what’s happening:
There is a very silly bug in this step. Im not sure when this course was updated but it does look differently formatted (i think i prefer the old version but thats neither here nor there).

This forum is only letting me use two links which is very frustrating considering it is vital to the problem, and the links are ones THEY have put within the course as a necessity in the code. So please don’t mind the (dot com), you know what I mean.

The instructions clearly state to use “(https)://freecatphotoapp(dot com)/” for the href. However this simply does not work in submission. The final forward slash causes the code to be deemed invalid even though it is a direct copy from what is asked to be used as the href. A removal of the forward slash “(https)://freecatphotoapp(dot com)” allows the code to be considered valid. Either the instructions should be changed or the allowed code should be more free/general.

Now it won’t let me post this with links, and wont specify which links it wont allow. Even though what Im posting arent even LINKS!

I used to love freecodecamp but at every turn there is an unnecessary hassle now. I really don’t know what could’ve changed.

Yes it’s a small bug. A fix has already been pushed. It should be landing soon.

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