Learn HTML by Building a Cat Photo App - Step 15

I am having so much trouble getting past this cn anyone help me discover what is wrong? I’m trying to turn the image into a link.

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      <h2>Cat Photos</h2>
      <!-- TODO: Add link to cat photos -->
      <p>Click here to view more <a target="_blank" href="https://freecatphotoapp.com">cat photos</a>.</p>
      <a href="https://freecatphotoapp.com"</a> <img src="https://cdn.freecodecamp.org/curriculum/cat-photo-app/relaxing-cat.jpg" alt= "A cute orange cat lying on its back.">

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Challenge: Learn HTML by Building a Cat Photo App - Step 15

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Put this closing anchor tag after the img tag so that you wrap up the img with a link

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When I add the at the end I still get an error and I’ve moved it several places. I heard someone mentioned something about removing the original img src , but as I am new to this, I have no clue if that’s correct.

Your screenshot is not visible. Also may you send your latest code with the changes you made?

You are not opening the anchor tag properly. You should add a > before <img tag.

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Thanks so much!! It worked.

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