Learn HTML by Building a Cat Photo App - Step 2

I am stuck on step 2. I have copied the h1 format perfectly, which is what I assume you need to do. Even then though I keep getting the error it’s wrong and by this point the hints are useless. Anyone have any idea what i’m doing wrong?


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Challenge: Learn HTML by Building a Cat Photo App - Step 2

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Below the h1 element, add an h2 element with this text:

Cat Photos

You have a small typo in the name. (s)

Ah, so you’re right. However, I fixed the (s) problem but it is still saying it is wrong. I’m not sure what the issue is now.

Woops, you have 2 typos - check spacing too

What spacing issue is there? I don’t see any extra spaces and I put h2 below h1.

if you just cut and paste the required text into your code (between the tags) then you won’t hava problem. They wanted “Cat Photos” not “CatPhoto”


Sorry, i’m very unobservant, that fixed the problem. Thank you.

Don’t worry about Nabeel. We all do this.

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