Learn HTML by Building a Cat Photo App - Step 2

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I am not going further with the step 2 with catphotoapp.
I do :


catphotoapp but it is wrong and I have sorelly no clue why

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Challenge: Learn HTML by Building a Cat Photo App - Step 2

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Mind that the text in the tags of the task must be an exact match.
Reset your task and retry. (you can copy paste the text of the task to be sure)

Hope it helps.

Thank you, I imagine I got it, but should I leave space between Cat Photo

You should do whatever the task asks for it to complete or else it won’t “complile” (pass).

It’s a header anyway so i see no problem there.

If the text it wants you to add has capitalization on it do the capitalization and spaces. Half the time when my code was correct but didn’t pass was because of either misspelling, certain words in the task are capitalized and I didn’t do it and the same with lower caps. It’s definitely case sensitive with that.

Please click the reset button to return the code back to its initial state.
After that, go to the empty line below the h1 element and create a new h2 element there.
Make sure to copy the exact text for this new element from the exercise instructions.

Thank you guys, it was a meanings issues … between" bellow and above’ I ve learned dont try to learn programming without dinner!

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ohhhh I was quite sensitive, my stomach was grrrrming, better eat first ! sometimes is better to have a good dinner and sleep afterall it works again… thx!

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Yeah sometimes we get too wrapped up in what we’re doing and not thinking about taking breaks, eating, or sleeping. I do that a lot when I’m working with audio and get tunnel vision.

If you have solved this, mark the post that helped you with the Solution checkmark to indicate this.

Hey Dear, you are fast… had already breakfast? Take your visions seriously :slight_smile: at least the light on the other side! Stock step 4 again … will reset!

Yes, I do hence I got stock at step 4. I will try to reset. I did

<p>Add link to cat photos.</p>

it seems to be wrong

Click on the ask for help button in the new challenge you are on and post your question.

I cant go further somehow. I will try to understand why! Thx

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