Learn HTML by building a cat photo app Step 22

I’ve read pretty much all the posts and tried, don’t know what up. Getting tired, I guess.

Btw: Is there an option to save the progress so far and continue another time?

Please post your code and a link to the challenge. Thanks

A slice of lasagna on a plate.

Before reading the help section, I did not insert figure element

Could you show the code ( your html solution ) that isn’t working ?

Sorrry, of course I should show the code… haha . Here it is

Change Slice to slice (you must always use the exact given text)

I did, but I still did not suceed :frowning:

Notice the hint? It wants you to fix the src value

I have. It says to value the src with quotation marks. I have put quotation marks.

There is a typo as well. Either check more carefully or just copy and paste the link.

OMG I cannot believe I have written photos instead of photo and did not see it for the entire time. Thank you. I must check more carefully next time.

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