Learn HTML by Building a Cat Photo App - Step 4 I am starter and I can not found this. Please help me

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<!--pTODO:Add link to cat photos-->

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Challenge: Learn HTML by Building a Cat Photo App - Step 4

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hi there, welcome to the forum.

To fix this code please click the reset button
this will return the code back to the initial state (this is needed because you have deleted some code that you need).

After that, without deleting anything, simply add the requested comment on a new line above the paragraph element.

Let us know if you need more help after trying this.

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I can’t understand what the paragraph element means

the paragraph element is everything that is between the opening and closing p tag
<p>this is a paragraph element example</p>

Thanks a lot for your feedbacks

is it so? if it is not so, can you write this code for me, please?

Let me show you an example instead.

Let’s say you have this code

  <h1>I like to teach</h1>
  <!-- This is a comment above the p element -->
  <p>But sometimes it is hard</p>
  <!-- Don't tell anyone, but this is a comment below the p element -->

Above I have some code made up of a body element which nests inside it an h1 element followed by a comment, followed by a p element (paragraph element), followed by another comment.

This example is to show you how comments are added to code.
In my case I have 2 comments. One is above the p element and one is below it.

For -your- step though, they want a comment above the p element.
So please restart the step one more time.
(click the reset button)
Then this time, without deleting anything, add the requested comment
above the p element.

Thanks for everything

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