Learn HTML by Building a Cat Photo App - Step 4

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    <h2>Cat Photos</h2>

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 <!-- TODO Add link to cat photos.</--> 
    <p>See more cat photos in our gallery.</p>

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Challenge: Learn HTML by Building a Cat Photo App - Step 4

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Hello and welcome to our forum.
You have omitted some text here.
Plus, those comment characters are not correctly written,they should resemble these <!--Comment-->

Kindly,the next time you post,try to describe your problem,it will be easy for users to help with your question.


can be new welcome website can be good to learn code
not want to give answer but can try read again for 4 question
use HTML start with <!-- and than ends with
than can type to text add what can be text on website for TODO on bottom
not need new P element this can be only for make word comment in HTML
most of your typed can be ok not need P element and comment words not need close tag for writing
hope can help fix thank you take care gn gm fren

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