Learn HTML by Building a Cat Photo App - Step 56

Confused? Stuck? Nested?? To the right?? HELP!!

<label><input id="loving" type="checkbox" for="loving"> Loving </label>

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Hi @lucianamacchiarolo and welcome!!

How we can help you? This step is about to use the label element and tell the browser engine this label has a relationship with that specific input, they are more than close friends. An example:

<input id="ring" type="checkbox"> Put a ring on it

At this point the input it looks as a checkbox and has the text "Put a ring on it" at side. If you really want that everyone knows that the label for that specific input is "Put a ring on it", no just friends, then you are going to need to put a ring on it :wink:

<input id="ring" type="checkbox"> <label for="ring">Put a ring on it</label>

Did you see how I did that? The for attribute in a label element === id attribute of input element make them partners not just friends. :grin: Remember that spaces matters too (just another character like letters or symbols), just put the label tags around the text, and all together (<label for="ring">Put a ring on it</label>) will become a label element with a strong relationship with that specific input. :blush:

I really hope this helps you Luciana, make you laugh and also think this way you won’t forget this syntax. :upside_down_face:

You can read more about this in MDN Web Docs and web.dev (probably easier to read). You can follow along web.dev courses as help in your freeCodeCamp journey, pretty good stuff there.

It is normal feel bad sometimes, just do another thing, and back later to the problem but keep trying and asking for help. Baby steps every day it is not just a say it really helps, be consistent and don’t worry about others, you are improving in every step!!! Only focus in your ultimate goal not if the road has some stones, potholes or a river full of crocodiles, only in your goal, you will figure out how to solve those intermediate issues.

It would be wonderful if you could also post your code here

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