Learn HTML by Building a Cat Photo App - Step 56

I have tried several methods and checked my spacing and all the works. I have also tried not to incorperate the “=” symbol and removed the “quotations” after for. Is there a step I am missing?

Your code so far

<label for="loving"><input id="loving" type="checkbox"> Loving</label>

And yes, I have already checked other similar questions.

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Learn HTML by Building a Cat Photo App - Step 56

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I am not sure what you mean. Input is self-closing.

Great work! Everything looks ok to me. I am wondering if you are required to use the ‘name=’ attribute. Good luck!

Well, I did just input the name attribute in several ways and still got an error. Thanks anyways.

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Oh my goodness, I had to move the
<label for="loving">
portion after
<input id="loving" type="checkbox">
and put a space between the carrots between “checkbox”> and <label

This is more of a code camp error over a spacing issue. Other than that, this is a great code camping site for sure!