Learn HTML by Building a Cat Photo App - Step 6 indenting nested elements two more spaces than their parent element improves readability

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      <h2>Cat Photos</h2>
    <!-- TODO: Add link to cat photos --> 
    <p>Click here to view more cat photos.</p> 
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Challenge: Learn HTML by Building a Cat Photo App - Step 6

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make sure the h2 and p elements are exactly 2 spaces in, the h2 is too far out

i don’t understand, how can i let 2 space between h2 and p ?

you need to shift those elements two spaces in from your main element

Hi! Welcome to the forum!
You’ve got the right idea but your spacing isn’t quite right.

The h2, comment and p element should be exactly two spaces from their starting positions. Your h2 is spaced further than your comment and p element.

If it’s easier, remove all the space to the left from the p, comment and h2 so they are against the left of the editable code box. Then press the space bar six times in front of each element.

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