Learn HTML by Building a Cat Photo App - Step 6

You appear to have created this post without editing the template. Please edit your post to Tell us what’s happening in your own words.
Learning to describe problems is hard, but it is an important part of learning how to code.
Also, the more you say, the more we can help!

Before your opening tag of your p element, add 2 spaces.

You have also modified your code, but the system won’t pick it up, so it’s fine. But when you have to type out your own code, there will be bugs.
Your bugs in your current code is:
Before the main your h1 doesnt have an opening tag.
Before the main your h1 and h2 element is not needed.
Directly after your main element, you have a p element, and that is not needed. It should be after your comment, but you already have one there, but like i said, its not needed.
Happy coding!