Learn HTML by Building a Cat Photo App - Step 68

I am not sure what is wrong with my code. Step 68 asks to insert the meta element with a charset attribute set to “UTF-8”. My code is:

        <meta charset="UTF-8">

Please don’t delete the link to the challenge and the information about your browser when you create a post - that information helps us help you.

The meta element looks ok, but what happened to your title?

Have you tried other browsers? Have you tried updating your browser? Have you tried turning off all browser extensions?

I tried it myself it seems that it needs to be in a “head” instead of a “header”
(At this for it to pass this test)

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You should not stick it inside of a head instead of a header - that is not what the challenge wants.

The challenge text was not including but if you go to step 68 it says “Tell the browser to encode multiple languages by adding a meta element as a child of the head element. Set its charset attribute to UTF-8 .”

I have head instead of header, not sure why I typed header for this post. I’ll try to use a different browser.

Ah, right. Somehow the original post changed things up to a header.

In any case, the challenge doesn’t want anything but the single new element added.

Yeah no problem I can see how we both got confused!

Still doesn’t work. I have the title element as well and I tried with and without it too

It says that meta should be a child of head. That just means it has to be in between and right?

Did you try a new browser, updating your browser, or turning off all extensions?

Tried it on my phone and it worked. Thank you guys!

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