Learn HTML, Cat photo app, step 55

Here is the code I wrote:

<label for="loving">Loving</label>
<input  type="checkbox" id="loving">

It showes the desired result yet it doesn’t pass, If anyone could direct me toward what’s wrong

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HI @Hajar !

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Please read the hints for the challenge more carefully.

It wants you to move the label to the right of the input.
Right now you have the label above the input

Still doesn’t work for me.

<input  type="checkbox" id="loving"><label for="loving">Loving</label>

The last sentence of the hint says to make sure there is a space between the elements.

Once you fix that, then it passes.

Which two elements?
Betwen the input and the label elements? Because I already tried that and it doesn’t work.

There needs to be a space here

Can you post your latest code with the space so we can test it on our ends?

<input  type="checkbox" id="loving"> <label for="loving">Loving</label>

The code you have shared works on my end. Please ensure that you have disabled any extensions that interface with the freeCodeCamp website (such as Dark Mode and Ad Blocker), and set your browser zoom level to 100%. Both of these factors can cause tests to fail erroneously.

Or try another browser

Okey thanks for your answers

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