Learn HTML form by building a registration form - step 9

In FreecodeCamp’s code editor, the instructions work perfectly and, in this step, the scroll bar really disappears when assigning margin 0 to the body element.

However, I have been trying to keep the project codes in my own repository and, when passing these same codes, the scroll bar remained…

I tried to use the rule
margin: 0;
padding: 0;

That wasn’t enough either. The scroll bar remained.

Any suggestions for another strategy to eliminate the scrollbar?

Add overflow: hidden; property to hide both the horizontal and vertical scrollbar.
To remove horizontal scrollbar add the overflow-x: hidden;, and to remove vertical scrollbar add the overflow-y: hidden; property.

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I’m still starting to learn…

I should add this declaration as part of the rule associated to which element?

i tried it on * and it worked <3!

would it be more appropriate for another selector?

Use the following website as one of the resources that can help you to understand better the possibilities you have at your disposal.

For the overflow property, the following page can be a good starting point:

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