Learn HTML Forms by Building a Registration Form - Step 10

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hi can anyone help me I did not code for a while and forgot some terms can someone explain how can I add adjacent

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/* file: index.html */
<!DOCTYPE html>
   <title>Registration Form</title>
	  <link rel="stylesheet" href="styles.css" />
   <h1>Registration Form</h1>
   <p>Please fill out this form with the required information</p>

/* file: styles.css */
body {
 width: 100%;
 height: 100vh;
 margin: 0;
 background-color: #1b1b32;
	color: #f5f6f7;
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Challenge: Learn HTML Forms by Building a Registration Form - Step 10

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Adjacent just means “right next to” or “neighbor”. for example:

<p>this is a paragraph<p>

here, the paragraph is adjacent to the button and vice versa.

if you’re having trouble remembering stuff then i would suggest you to go through the material again because repetition and practice plays a great role in programming.
alternatively, you could also however go through some additional theory material like mdn’s learn web development course.

Hope this helps! :smile:

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