Learn HTML Forms by Building a Registration Form - Step 27

Hi! I posted on another forum, but they couldn’t help me, so I’m hoping someone else can.

I need help on Step 27, and creating a link in the terms and conditions part of the registration form project.

Can someone please check my code and see what to change? They won’t accept my code for some reason and I don’t know why.

Hope to hear from someone soon, thank you!


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/* file: index.html */
<!DOCTYPE html>
<html lang="en">
  <meta charset="UTF-8">
  <title>Registration Form</title>
  <link rel="stylesheet" href="styles.css" />
  <h1>Registration Form</h1>
  <p>Please fill out this form with the required information</p>
  <form action='https://register-demo.freecodecamp.org'>
      <label>Enter Your First Name: <input type="text" required /></label>
      <label>Enter Your Last Name: <input type="text" required /></label>
      <label>Enter Your Email: <input type="email" required /></label>
      <label>Create a New Password: <input type="password" pattern="[a-z0-5]{8,}" required /></label>
      <label><input type="radio" name="account-type" /> Personal Account</label>
      <label><input type="radio" name="account-type" /> Business Account</label> 
      <label><input type="checkbox" required/> I accept the <a href="https://www.freecodecamp.org/news/terms-of-service/"></a>terms and conditions</label>
    <input type="submit" value="Submit" />
/* file: styles.css */
body {
width: 100%;
height: 100vh;
margin: 0;
background-color: #1b1b32;
color: #f5f6f7;

label {
display: block;
margin: 0.5rem 0;

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Challenge: Learn HTML Forms by Building a Registration Form - Step 27

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You don’t actually have the terms and conditions nested/enclosed in a <a> element. Remember nesting/enclosing means to wrap an element around something else, like so:

<span>This is an example</span>

Oh, so it has to go before the ? I thought it would go after it.

So basically the a element has to surround the words you are trying to link?

Exactly. What the<a> does is change the color of the text, underlines it and makes it clickable. Also it will do the same to any spaces you may include, so enclose exactly and only exactly what you want

Ahh, I see, makes sense! You make it sound so easy, how did you learn all this stuff?

Same way you are lol. Just pay attention and be precise. You got this!

Wow! Really? You seem so knowledgeable for just learning on here.

Lol, not compared tosome of these other guys. I don’t know anything about JS or Python or any of the other stuff.

Oh yeah, I haven’t gotten to those certification modules yet, hopefully JS and Python are easier than this lol.

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