Learn HTML forms by building a Registration Form - Step 55

Hi there, theoretical question. The instructions for this step say:
# Step 55

To style the submit button, you can use an attribute selector, which selects an element based on the given attribute value. Here is an example:

** **input[name="password"]** **

The above selects input elements with a name attribute value of password.

Now, use the attribute selector to style the submit button with a display of block, and a width of 60%.

My question is, why is this necessary? If I wanted to select the “name” class belonging in the input element can’t I just code:

.name {

? thanks for the help

Hi, welcome to the community.

Using the ask for help button inside the step will lead you to create a thread, and you are supposed to edit what’s necessary in order your code and link to the step not to be deleted.

Please edit your post to include the code snippets and link it to the step you are doing.

The “ask for help” button only appears in the step if I got it wrong a couple of times, which I didn’t in this instance. It was just a theoretical question. But if those are the rules then ok

Yes, but we need the link in order to see the instruction.

Not everyone in the forum doing this course. Mostly contributor will need the link for easier navigation to your current question.

Really appreciate the small teamwork in order to help each other

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