Learn HTML Forms by Building a Registration Form - Step 56

I find step 56 hard because I cannot get through it.
I tried


but it doesn’t work.

can someone please help me on this step?

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Pls post a link to the challenge

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you should use < /> instead of [/] and in other places as well.

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here is the link
thank you

Thank you for your reply
I tried to do it by your way but I still couldn’t do it.
can you please send me the format or an examle

This looks okay to me.
Did you complete the rest of the instructions? Please post all the code in a code block so we can read it on the forum.

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since this is a style document, you need to use curly brackets to add some css rules to your code and square brackets to select a special attribute selector.
For example, you have input[name="password"], but you need to change the value of the name and password and add curly brackets. Try it yourself and then I can help you with it if you need.

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Here is an example

input[type="submit"] {
  property: value;
  property: value;

Thank you so much
this worked

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