Learn Intermediate OOP by Building a Platformer Game - Step 117

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Learn Intermediate OOP by Building a Platformer Game - Step 117

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I can’t do it here. please help me

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The last thing you will need to do is add an else if statement.

Your condition should check if the player’s x position is greater than or equal to the checkpoint’s x position and less than or equal to the checkpoint’s x position plus 40.

Inside the body of the else if statement, you will need to call the showCheckpointScreen function and pass in the string "You reached a checkpoint!" as an argument.

Congratulations! You have completed the platformer game project!

what is your code? what have you tried? what is your doubt here?

if (index === checkpoints.length - 1) {
isCheckpointCollisionDetectionActive = false;
showCheckpointScreen(“You reached a checkpoint!”);
movePlayer(“ArrowRight”, 0, false);
}else if

where is your code?