Learn-intermediate-oop-by-building-a-platformer-game - Step 55

Hi, I need help getting past this step. It keeps saying Sorry, your code does not pass. Hang in there.

You should assign isPressed to keys.leftKey.pressed.

  switch (key) {
  case "ArrowLeft":
  isPressed = keys.leftKey.pressed;
    if (xVelocity === 0) {
      xVelocity = player.velocity.x;

So this is the best solution that I could come up with and I find. But I don’t understand what I am doing wrong or what the assignment specifically wants.


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as to your issue, all of your assignments here are wrong

remember that assignment works by assigning what is on the right to what is on the left

re read through the directions again to fix the issues and pass the test

Inside the case clause, assign isPressed to keys.leftKey.pressed.

Below that, add an if statement that checks if xVelocity is equal to 0. If so, assign the xVelocity to player.velocity.x.

hope that helps

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Thanks, I figured it out shortly after I posted in the forum.