Learn Intermediate OOP by Building a Platformer Game - Step 82

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if (collisionDetectionRules.every(rule => rule)) {
    player.velocity.y = 0;

Not sure why this doesn’t pass, and would appreciate a hint, thanks

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Learn Intermediate OOP by Building a Platformer Game - Step 82

The tests want the rule parameter to be wrapped in parentheses even though technically it doesn’t need to be.

Do you want to create a github issue for this?

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I think this is the 4th step where I have had this problem where the answer is technically correct but not the answer the checker was looking for. Does anyone resolve these issues when they are posted? I don’t mind creating an issue for it, I am just wondering if they actually get resolved?

And btw thank you again for your help.

Yes. Issues like these are especially good for first-timers to take and there are usually a ton of people looking to make their first contributions to fCC. Also, you’ll notice the word “Beta” in this certification, which means they are actively looking for people to find issues like this so they can be fixed.


Okay it has been submitted, thank you.

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