Learn Introductions in an Online Team Meeting - Task 21

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The text in the video is not matching the text content question at the beginning, ‘It’s’."

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Learn Introductions in an Online Team Meeting - Task 21

It’s a bit hard to hear it, but it sounds like something that could be It’s.

The answer is “nice”, but this text line needs to be fixed. It’s wrong it sounds different and I was just lucky.

I can here that the video starts with It's nice, you can also turn on CC to double check

video is different from the text and the CC , To confirm that I am right and you are wrong and you have not tested the video. I have tested it with ChatGPT and you can see his answer that it’s correct and in the video the voice is saying “ thanks”.
so get a team or another person and hear what the video is saying because the video is different than the text and that is confusing and needs to be changed!

I can confirm that the video says “It’s nice to have you here ,Alice. I’m Bob, the project manager. I’m sure your experience will be a great help to us.”

Voice recognition software can also have flaws, especially ChatGPT.

I have listened to the video, as I can’t show a visible confirmation of this I can only say I have. It starts with “It’s nice”. The words are not enunciated perfectly, instead this is a conversational way to say it (specifically, the voice is not enunciating “it’s nice”, it’s saying something more like “ts nice”), and it’s perfectly plausible that a voice recognition software doesn’t get that.

With something more like “ts nice“ I can live with that because I also also hear the t…s and fink like “thanks ” it’s not a perfect position for it so if would be really nice if somebody will fix it or maybe the position of the cut of the video is not perfectly and the “i” is missing.

thanks for your help, I was on the point to say I lost my hearing.