Learn Introductory JavaScript by Building a Pyramid Generator - Step 103

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hhhhh, could someone help me with this, i got in the infinite loop, and i have to refresh the tab over and over, hhhhhh, i think this part should be helped, hhhhh, : well, at least i now know why we were told to avoid it. hhhhhhh, lol,
step 103 building a pyramid

this is my code:

for (let i = count; i > 0; i -= 1) {
rows.push(padRow(i, count));

i nearly fall off my chair laughing, hhhhh, lol, it the infinite loop, hhhh,
could someone direct me on where to put the negative sign please, hhhhh

nevermind it, i got it, thanks , how do i put down this request, I have found the answer

hi there!
that is great you solved the problem. never mind the topic will closed autometically or by any fcc staff.