Learn Introductory JavaScript by Building a Pyramid Generator - Step 44

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how ı can solve this problem? Can anyone help me please?

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const character = "#";
const count = 8;
const rows = [];
const call = padRow;

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function padRow() {

call = padRow();


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for (let i = 0; i < count; i = i + 1) {
  rows.push(character.repeat(i + 1))

let result = ""

for (const row of rows) {
  result = result + "\n" + row;


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Learn Introductory JavaScript by Building a Pyramid Generator - Step 44

Your approach is not completely wrong, but declaring a variable on separate lines confuses the code editor. Additionally, the use of the var keyword is not common nowadays. Since the ES6 update, let or const variable declarations are more useful and secure. This is because the var declaration method makes the variable mutable and its type changeable.

let keyword for variables that may change their value over time, and the const keyword for variables that will remain constant and not change their value.

To resolve this issue, you should declare the call variable using modern keywords.

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