Learn Introductory JavaScript by Building a Pyramid Generator - Step 86

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The instructions say “Update your while loop condition to check if done is not equal to count.” , so I changed the "if (done === count) to “if (done !== count)” but it is still telling me that my while loop should check if done and count are not equal. Where am I going wrong here?

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const character = "#";
const count = 8;
const rows = [];

function padRow(rowNumber, rowCount) {
  return " ".repeat(rowCount - rowNumber) + character.repeat(2 * rowNumber - 1) + " ".repeat(rowCount - rowNumber);

// TODO: use a different type of loop
/*for (let i = 1; i <= count; i++) {
  rows.push(padRow(i, count));

let continueLoop = false;
let done = 0;

// User Editable Region

while (continueLoop) {
  rows.push(padRow(done, count));
  if (done !== count) {
    continueLoop = false;

// User Editable Region

let result = ""

for (const row of rows) {
  result = result + "\n" + row;


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Learn Introductory JavaScript by Building a Pyramid Generator - Step 86

the while loop condition is this where you have written continueLoop, try changing this


okay that makes sense, got it, thank you!!

while loop have to check done is not equal to count, hope this helps

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