Learn localStorage by Building a To Do App - Step 28

I am terribly lost on this step. My code may be complete nonsense at this point since I’ve written it over and over again but I’ll post it here in hopes someone can steer me in some form of the right direction!

Here are the instructions: Step 28

You should display the Cancel and Discard buttons to the user only if there is some text present in the input fields.

To begin, within the closeTaskFormBtn event listener, create a formInputsContainValues variable to check if there is a value in the titleInput field or the dateInput field or the descriptionInput field.

And the following is my current code:

closeTaskFormBtn.addEventListener("click", () => {
  const formInputsContainValues = if(titleInput.value !== null || dateInput.value !== null || descriptionInput.value !== null) {}

It looks like you have some syntax errors here

I would remove the if keyword with the parenthesis and curly braces

Once you removed that, you did get it correct.
It just looks like the test was explicitly wanting you to check for truthy values. (Ex. element.value || element.value…)
But the test should allow for more solutions so I’ll create an issue