Learn localStorage by Building a Todo App - Step 5

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const taskData = [];
let currentTask = {


This code doesn’t pass because there are spaces between the brackets, please fix.

in order to pass the code must be like this

const taskData = [];
let currentTask = {};


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Learn localStorage by Building a Todo App - Step 5

I think it is kept this way to maintain a consistent coding style.

It still shouldn’t be flagged as wrong, am I supposed to just assume there isn’t going to be code put into that object, if a list needed to be created with key pair values, I would of course need to open the brackets up.

All that strict syntax does is confuse beginners, if it doesn’t effect functionality, it should not be considered wrong.

You can always open an issue here to get more insight about this. But I do agree that something like this would cause a camper to think hard about why the test is failing.

Yeah for sure, I suppose I shall report it, the way I see it, learning the concepts is much more important than how you style your brackets.